The wives of the international leaders spent Monday morning in the preservation of the oceans and water.

G7 "first ladies" dedicated their morning morning to one of the summit themes, the preservation of the oceans and water, after applauding demonstrations of surfing and rescue at sea by young practitioners. During this morning at the beach, where Brigitte Macron wanted to highlight local initiatives for the oceans, the wife of the French president, smiling and relaxed, made no statement.

At the same time, Emmanuel Macron deplored the "extraordinarily disrespectful" remarks of his Brazilian counterpart Jair Bolsonaro against his wife, the latest episode of tensions between their two countries around forest fires in the Amazon.

Eco-friendly surf clothes and timer in the shower

Brigitte Macron, Melania Trump, Akie Abe, wife of Japanese Shinzo Abe, Cecilia Morel, Chilean Sebastian Piñera, Jenny Morrison, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and the women of Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, and David Malpass, that of the World Bank, met two champions of surfing. "This is the perfect time to learn today!", Launched in English Pauline Ado, a 28-year-old French professional surfer based in Anglet, who also showed them "eco-friendly" surf clothes.

Posted overhanging the beach of the Côte des Basques, famous "surf spot", the "first ladies" warmly applauded when two girls took a wave in tandem, standing on the same board. They then listened to children explain the need to preserve the ocean and the water resource in general, from the snowflake to the ocean wave. Seven-year-old Filipina told them that "if you make your own laundry, you do not put chemicals in, so they do not go to sea". Léo, 11, explained to Melania Trump that he had the idea to put a timer in the shower to not spend too much water.

"Thanks to you, adults will progress"

"Do they prefer to have an oak or a pine tree?" : children from Biarritz gave a small tree to each "first lady". "This little tree is a torch that children pass on to you to be the spokespersons for the preservation of the oceans and the planet", explained to the wives Sophie Mauriac, of the association Water Family. "Thank you children, thanks to you, adults will progress," said Brigitte Macron before taking her companions, who made no statement, lunch overlooking the sea.

The day before, they went to discover Basque culture inland, in the picturesque villages of Espelette and Cambo-les-Bains.