For Samuel Léré, spokesman for the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, invited on Monday from Europe 1, "we must ban imports of agricultural products at the origin of deforestation to force Jair Bolsonaro to change its policy."


Emmanuel Macron must "finally pass speeches to the acts". This is what the Nicolas Hulot Foundation calls for Nature and Man. Invited Monday of Europe 1, his spokesman Samuel Lere welcomed the announcement by the President of the Republic of the release of 20 million euros by the G7 to fight fires that ravage the forest for several weeks Amazon. But he is now calling for "trade sanctions".

"These fires are the result of Bolsonaro's policy"

The G7 promised Monday, during the summit in Biarritz, emergency aid of 20 million dollars (18 million euros) to send air bombers fight against wildfires in the Amazon, said Emmanuel Macron and Chilean President Sebastian Piñera. "This is very good news that we can help the Brazilian authorities," responds Samuel Lere. But, he adds, "the main problem is that these fires are voluntary and are the result of the policy of Jair Bolsonaro.Want to go out, it's fine, but there will still be others, the problem must be rooted, and the root is deforestation. "

And Samuel Léré to criticize the inertia of the European Union. Brazil "deforests to plant soybeans to feed animals, especially to the European Union, and will feed European animals," he warns, before calling for "trade sanctions." "We must ban imports of agricultural products causing deforestation to force Jair Bolsonaro to change its policy," says Samuel Lere.