Abraham Weintraub, Brazil's Minister of Education, called Emmanuel Macron "an opportunistic cretin" on his Twitter account.

On Sunday, Emmanuel Macron, at the forefront of the pressure on Jair Bolsonaro for the fight against fires in the Amazon, was heavily insulted on Twitter in Brazil, including by a minister.

"Macron is not up to this debate, it's just an opportunistic moron seeking the support of the French agricultural lobby," wrote Education Minister Abraham Weintraub, referring to the opposition of the president to the EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement.

"France is a country of extremes"

The term, very far from diplomatic uses, used in Portuguese ("calhorda") has no equivalent in French but is at the crossroads of "cheater", "moron" and "asshole". "France is a country of extremes, it produced men like Descartes or Pasteur, but also collaborators" under the Nazis during World War II, writes the minister.

In the midst of a flurry of tweets, the minister continues: "They chose a president without character" and "we must attack this idiot Macron".

Olavo de Carvalho, writer and "guru" of Jair Bolsonaro, exiled in the United States, has for its part forged on Twitter the name of "Macrocon".

English bows elegeram esse Macrón, porém, nós já elegemos The Ladrón, que hoje está enjauladón ... Ferro no cretino do Macrón, não nos franceses ...

- Abraham Weintraub (@AbrahamWeint) August 25, 2019

Não tried to decree that France has a país that amamos odiar or odiamos amar. Assim como nós, os franceses estão enfrentando as mesmas ameaças globais, porém, em estágio but advançado dominação. Além disso, elegeram um governante sem caráter, porém, isso nós também já fizemos ...

- Abraham Weintraub (@AbrahamWeint) August 25, 2019

A false account of Bolsonaro mocked the physique of Brigitte Macron

In addition, Brazilian sites like many Internet users were abused by a false account of Jair Bolsonaro who mocked the physique of Brigitte Macron, compared to that of his wife Michelle.

This false account made President Bolsonaro say: "Do not embarrass the type - MDR (" death of laughter "), a message widely shared by the Bolsonarist sphere.

Jair Bolsonaro's son, Eduardo, a deputy and possibly next Brazilian ambassador to Washington, had retweeted Friday a video of violent demonstrations of yellow vests in France with the text: "Macron is an idiot".

The Amazon tends a little more the relations

The Amazon has thrown oil on the fire of a Franco-Brazilian relationship that has strained after the arrival in power in Brasilia of the far-right president. Jair Bolsonaro inflicted a diplomatic affront in late July to French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, visiting Brasilia, canceling their meeting.

He had posted on Facebook a live in which he was seen having his hair cut at the scheduled time of the meeting, which had been canceled "for questions of agenda".

In recent days, about the Amazon, Jair Bolsonaro accused the President of the Republic of having a "colonialist mentality" while he accused him of having "lied" on its climate commitments.