Barcelona (AFP)

Spanish army artificers blew up a bomb from the Civil War (1936-1939) off Barcelona on Monday, whose discovery on Sunday led to the evacuation of a popular beach in the city, the Guard said. civil

The bomb was 25 meters from the shore and contained 70 kilos of TNT, a "highly volatile" substance, said a spokesman for Civil Guard. This forced it to be transported one nautical mile from the coast (1,852 meters) to carry out a controlled explosion at a depth of 45 meters.

Army artificers, sent from the south of Spain, used submerged balloons to move the machine, before exploding Monday at 3:35 pm (1335 GMT).

According to the Barcelona City Hall, the bomb was from the Civil War, during which time Barcelona suffered numerous bombings from the Italian Air Force, allied with the insurgent military forces of General Francisco Franco, who were to win the conflict in 1939.

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