Venezuelan refugees form an orchestra in Peru 25th August 10:37

Of the approximately 4 million refugees escaping from Venezuela, South America, where political turmoil continues, the musicians living in Peru formed an orchestra.

In Venezuela in South America, President Maduro, who continues the dictatorship, and Guadeo, who is trying to overthrow the government, are in conflict with the support of the United States.

Under these circumstances, about 4 million people who are unable to live in Venezuela have fled to neighboring countries as refugees and are forced to make difficult lives in their respective countries.

Under these circumstances, in Lima, the capital of Peru, where approximately 800,000 Venezuelan refugees live, about 100 refugees who were active as musicians in Venezuela formed an orchestra with the support of the Peruvian government and began to practice. .

Most of the members are not currently engaged in music-related jobs, and somehow maintain their daily lives by working in restaurants or performing music on the street.

Still, when practice began, he played the national anthem of Venezuela and many classical music one after another.

Sophia Simon, who is responsible for the orchestra, said, “I'm tired, but I haven't forgotten the music. Someday I want to return to Venezuela and have a concert with this member.”

The orchestra will start a concert in Peru starting with a performance in Lima on the 24th.