US President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Abe have been at odds over North Korea's recent launch of a short-range missile.

Trump said he was not happy to announce North Korea's missile launch, but was not violating any agreements during the G7 summit meeting in Biarritz, France, today (25th) at local time. Foreign media, including Reuters.

Trump added that not only Kim Jong-un, but also North Korea's secretary-general, is firing short-range missiles, he believes Kim will do the right thing in the future.

North Korea shot two projectiles, which are believed to be short-range ballistic missiles, over the East Sea two times in Seondeok, South Hamgyong province on Monday.

Trump said he didn't think so when asked whether Kim Jong Un made his promise by launching an additional missile test.

Contrary to Trump's comments at today's talks, Abe says North Korea's launch of a short-range ballistic missile violates UN resolutions.