Foreign Minister Iran and French President “Dengeki” talk Appeal efforts to relieve tension August 26, 7:06


The French President Macron invited Iran's foreign minister to the G7 summit = 7 major summits without prior announcement. It seems that the foreign minister Zareef has returned home without meeting with President Trump in the United States, but France seems to have the aim of appealing when it is working to alleviate tension.

On February 25, Iran's foreign minister Zareef visited Biarritz in the southwest of France, where the G7 summit was held, without prior announcement, and met with French President Macron.

The French Presidential Office has not disclosed the details of the talks, but has invited the foreign minister of the leaf with the consent of the United States.

The meeting was evaluated as positive, and he will continue discussions to ease tensions.

Foreign Minister Zalef also told Twitter that Iran ’s active diplomacy continues. The road is steep, but worth the attempt.

After the meeting, Foreign Minister Zalef seems to have reached the airport in Biarritz and returned home without meeting with President Trump.

At the G7 dinner on the first day, there is a consensus on seeking peace and stability in the region over the situation in Iran, and the goal is to appeal that President Macron is working to alleviate the tension by inviting Foreign Minister Zaleaf. There seems to be.