Visit to Iran Foreign Minister G7 venue "Dengeki" To talk with French Foreign Minister August 26th, 0:53

G7 Summit = Iranian Foreign Minister Zareef will arrive in the southwestern part of France, where the seven major summits are held, and will meet with French Foreign Minister Rudrian. The visit has not been disclosed in advance, and according to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there is no scheduled meeting with US President Trump.

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on the 25th that Foreign Minister Zaleaf has arrived in Biarritz, southwestern France.

The visit was not disclosed in advance, but with the invitation of the presidency France, it is going to hold ongoing talks between France and Iran, and no talks with President Trump and the US side are scheduled It is said.

According to French diplomat, Foreign Minister Zaleaf will meet with Foreign Minister Rudrien.

Prior to the opening of the G7, French President Macron has proposed to President Trump to lift sanctions on Iranian crude oil exports for a period of time to ease tensions with Iran.

The situation in Iran has become an important agenda for the G7 Summit, and it will be noted that the foreign minister Zareef will be in Biarritz, which will help ease the tension in Iran.