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The Islamologist Tariq Ramadan is again targeted by a rape complaint. AFP

Tariq Ramadan targeted by a new complaint, also for rape. This is the third, but this time in a meeting. The Paris prosecutor's office asked that this new case be joined to the previous ones for which it is already indicted for a year and a half.

The complaint was filed three months ago, but the facts go back to 2014. According to the complainant, a journalist is Tariq Ramadan who contacted her to offer her an interview. Appointment is then taken in a hotel in Lyon.

The meeting takes place in a room in the presence of a third person, a friend of the intellectual. Very quickly the situation degenerates and the two men violate her, before dissuading her to complain by threatening her.

Pursued in another folder

Since then, Tariq Ramadan has been prosecuted by the courts in another case ; he is suspected of sexually assaulting two other women. He was indicted in early 2018 and released on bail last November. But according to this new complaint, that did not prevent him to contact the journalist again in January to see her again.

The woman did not respond, and she says she was visited the next day by two men to threaten her again. With these elements, the prosecutor's office in Paris asked late July the investigating judges to join this new complaint to the previous, for suspected rape in meetings and threats.