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President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen at a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Rome on 2 August 2019. REUTERS / Ciro De Luca

Just confirmed by the European Parliament, the German Ursula von der Leyen is working on the composition of her new commission. Member States have until Monday, August 26, to deposit the names of their candidates as European Commissioners.

With our correspondent in Brussels, Laxmi Lota

The European Commission will now have 27 members and not 28, because of the expected Brexit on 31 October. Its new president, Ursula von der Leyen , must allocate portfolios to candidates: migration, budget, health or employment.

She pledged herself to the European Parliament to present a committee respecting gender equality. But some Member States have not yet announced their candidate, this is the case of France and Italy.

The constitution of the new commission is a " complex and politically delicate exercise," says one of the presidency's collaborators, because states often demand economic portfolios, the most prestigious.

Next step for the candidates: to be auditioned by the president who will then establish a list. The chosen people will have a new hearing in front of MEPs.

Parliament then votes to approve or reject the entire team. Commissioners will finally be appointed by the European Council in October.