Shanghai (AFP)

More than 34 million dollars (about 30 million euros) to share, more than 600,000 viewers, and tens of thousands of spectators massed in a hall transformed into an arena: the OG team won Sunday in Shanghai a tournament from esport to record staffing.

The winners beat another European team, the Team-Liquid, 3-1 in the finals of the tournament The International, a major world event for the professional players of Dota 2, a game of MOBA type (multiplayer online battle arena) online multiplayer combat).

In this game, each team has 5 players embodying characters from a fantastic medieval world, and must take the basics of the opposing team to win, managing its own resources, all in real time.

- Multi-millionaires at 20 years -

The OG team, winner this year, has pocketed $ 15.6 million (just over 13 million euros). Team-Liquid, finalist, received about 4.5 M $ (4 M €).

The PSG team (based in China but affiliated with the Paris Saint-Germain club) won 3 million dollars (2.6 M €) by finishing in the last four of the 18 teams entered in this international tournament annual.

These numbers, both the value of the prizes awarded and those of the spectators, demonstrate the exponential explosion of esport throughout the world.

The biggest stars of this sport (most are barely 20 years old) are already multi-millionaires, but in this universe, the age of retirement is also very early: few are those who continue past 30 years.

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