Police were arrested and detained by 68 people in protests against the G7 in Biarritz, France.

Local authorities say the detainees are charged with throwing projectiles, covering their faces, or holding objects that could be used as weapons.

On February 24th at the opening of the G7 summit, various demonstrators gathered around Biarritz, including anti-capitalist demonstrators, French 'yellow vest' demonstrators and Basque separatists.

An estimated 9,000 protesters and an estimated 15,000 organizers marched across the border from Unde near Biarritz to Spain in France.

They argued against capitalism and neoliberalism, protecting human rights of minority minorities, responding immediately to climate change, and expanding direct democracy.

The protests were peaceful in the first place, but from the evening, violence broke out in various parts of the city, in the Bayonne, next to Biarritz.

Local authorities say no injuries were reported due to clashes between protesters and police.

Before and after the G7 summit, rallies and demonstrations were banned in Biarritz, the city of Bayonne, and Angle.

As a result, more than 80 civil society groups opposing the meeting set up camps and prepared for mass demonstrations a week ago in Unde, about 30 kilometers from Biarritz in France, and in the border of France in Spain.