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President Mauricio Macri and First Lady Juliana Awada greet their supporters at the balcony of Casa Rosada, Argentina's presidential palace, on August 24, 2019. Argentina Presidency / REUTERS

In Argentina, tens of thousands of people demonstrated Saturday (August 24th) to support center-right president Mauricio Macri, who lost 15 points to the primaries on August 11th, by his Peronist opponent, Alberto Fernández, who is widely favored for the presidential elections. October.

With our correspondent in Buenos Aires , Jean-Louis Buchet

" Yes, get stuck . " Yes, it is possible. His followers want to believe in a start. The slogan of Mauricio Macri's winning campaign in 2015 punctuated the event of Saturday, August 24. It is the middle class, part of which has abandoned Macri at the primaries because of economic crisis , who is on the street to support the President.

Mariela runs a family business, she says: " In 70 years of government, the Peronists have done nothing. We have nothing to expect from them in the next four years ! The current government has received a country on fire and has started doing things that have not been done for years. We can not fix 70 years in three! "

" Support the Republic in danger "

José, an engineer, also fears the return of the Kirchnerists to power, the winner of the primaries, Alberto Fernández , with the former president Cristina Kirchner as candidate for the vice presidency .

" I am here to support the Republic, which is in danger in the next elections, given the experience we had with the previous government, which has encroached on institutions such as the judiciary and the legislature, " he said.

From the balcony of Casa Rosada, the presidential palace, Macri thanked his supporters, massed May Square. But the heart was not there. Electoral arithmetic and political dynamics suggest a success of the formula Alberto Fernández-Cristina Kirchner on October 27th.