North Korea announces “Newly-developed“ very large rocket gun ”launch experiment” August 25, 6:58

North Korea's state-run media announced on the morning of the 25th that a newly developed “super large rocket cannon” was launched on the 24th in the presence of Kim Jong-un, chairman of the Korean Labor Party.

In this case, Chairman Kim said on August 24, three years ago, that he succeeded in launching the SLBM submarine-launched ballistic missile. The development of strategic tactical weapons must be continued and powerful and urgent. "

The released photo shows the projectile flying from the mobile launch pad rising while raising the orange flame.

In addition, Kim is looking up at the sky or standing next to the launch pad with a happy smile and taking pictures with soldiers.

The South Korean army announced on the 24th that North Korea has fired two flying bodies that appear to be short-range ballistic missiles from the south east of North Korea. It seems to be.