North Korea launched two unknown projectiles on the East Sea again today (Day 24).

This is the fifth launch this month and the ninth launch this year.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said, "North Korea fired two unidentified projectiles this morning from Seondeok, South Hamgyong Province."

The military said, "Our military maintains readiness to track related trends in preparation for further launches."

The ROK-US intelligence agency is analyzing the type of projectile closely.

Japan's Kyodo News Agency and NHK reported on the Japanese government's announcement that the North Koreans seemed to have fired ballistic missiles at 7:24 am and 7:28 am, respectively, earlier than 7:36 am.

Kyoto news agency says the projectile does not appear to reach the Japanese territory or the exclusive economic zone.

On May 27, 2017, North Korea fired a surface-to-air interceptor guided weapon system, presumably KN-06, in Seondeok, South Hamgyong Province, South Korea. On April 1, 2016, North Korea launched three surface-to-air weapons. .

The specific type of coal has not yet been identified, but it is possible that North Korea has introduced a new set of three weapons since May.

North Korea has launched a projectile that has identified the KN-23, at least five times over, called the North Korean Iskander, at least five times last month and on the 31st of this month and the second of the month, it is a new large-caliber pilot.

On the 10th and 16th of this month, they launched a series of new short-range ballistic missiles called `` N. Korea Ataekims. ''

Experts have observed that the North Korean version of Ataekims has been tested twice so far, so additional test launches are needed for the actual deployment.

The second launch of the ROK-US alliance, which North Korea has been citing as a direct backdrop for armed protests, ended last 20 days, launching a projectile again complained of a lack of support in the North Korean denuclearization dialogue and the US's stance on maintaining high-intensity sanctions against North Korea. Observation comes out.

Foreign Minister Lee Yong-ho spoke in a discourse yesterday, saying, "If the United States tries to confront us with sanctions rather than abandoning a confrontational stance, it is Osan" and "we are ready for dialogue and confrontation."