• Cancellation.C. Tangana sets up a free concert in Bilbao against "censorship" on the day of her canceled performance
  • Basque Country: Bilbao City Council cancels C. Tangana's concert after criticism for his macho lyrics
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Rapper C. Tangana has performed tonight for free in Bilbao, before a young audience that has completed the capacity in the two passes of the show, to launch a message "against institutional censorship" and challenge the decision of the City Council to cancel its concert for his "macho" lyrics.

The Madrid musician has wanted his performance, which has finally been unfolded in two consecutive concerts before the high demand for tickets, to be held on the same day that his presentation had been scheduled at the Bilbao festivities, finally suspended.

The 1,500 locations in the Santana 27 room, located in the Bolueta neighborhood, sold out in minutes, so the Madrid musician announced Friday that he would offer a second concert, scheduled for two in the morning, and also with full capacity .

The syncopated sound and the provocative lyrics of C. Tangana have begun to sound in the first of the two concerts past ten o'clock at night and has lasted for about an hour, in front of a young audience dedicated to the 'rapping' of one of the main references of urban music in Spain.

"I don't want to say many things. Thank you for being here ... And let's dance," the Madrid rapper told his audience, without referring to the controversy with the City Council.

He has not missed in his repertoire Bad woman , his great success, or the lyrics that raised the controversy and that motivated the decision of the City Council to suspend the concert by phrases such as "I make your whore get tied up, I make him shut up and bend down" , which the council considered "macho" and derogatory against women.

The theme Crying in the limo has closed the concert, and in the middle of one of its stanzas, the rapper has said goodbye to his audience with the same provocative tone of many of his lyrics: "I am C. Tangana, the Madrid son of a bitch ".

Before the denunciation of "institutional censorship" by C. Tangana, the City Council has responded that "neither prohibits nor censures", but that with public money it is not possible to give visibility to this type of messages.

"Censoring and prohibiting is not the way to act," proclaimed the rapper from Madrid through social networks.

"In my music there are many women, both in my lyrics and in my videos. I don't project an image of women; I project many . The women who listen to me are not less feminist than anyone. They are women who choose for themselves in what roles of movies, songs or novels want to identify themselves, "he said.

Faced with municipal "censorship" and the accusations of "machismo", C. Tangana has replied with his titles as Pop Ur Pussy , described as an artistic plea for gender and sexual freedom.

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