Montreal (AFP)

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced Thursday the suspension of the anti-doping laboratory in New Delhi for a maximum of six months due to irregularities in one of its methods of analysis.

The suspension, which came into effect on August 20, was decided for non-compliance with WADA's International Standard for Laboratories (SIL), the international organization said in a statement.

These irregularities were detected during a visit of experts of the AMA, in the method of analysis practiced by this laboratory, called analysis by gas chromatography? combustion? mass spectrometry of isotopic ratios, specifies the organization.

During the suspension of the New Delhi laboratory, the samples to be analyzed must be transferred to another approved laboratory.

"This is intended to continue to produce high-quality sample analyzes, while maintaining the confidence of athletes in the process and more generally in the anti-doping system," says WADA in its statement.

The laboratory may appeal this suspension or request reacreditation after six months if the testing procedures have been brought into compliance by then.

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