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The shots in Konga - today the verdict falls


The cause must have been partly a money debt and during the riots two shots were fired into a neighboring house, where a seven-year-old girl was sleeping. Today, the verdict comes in which four people stand accused after the wild shooting in a residential area in Konga, in the municipality of Tingsryd, in May.

There are four men between 21 and 36 years old who are prosecuted in Växjö District Court. The suspicions relate to, among other things, attempts at murder, serious weapons crime, serious illegal threats and causing danger to others.

It was on the evening of May 14 that three men must have gone to the house in Konga armed with a gun. When they arrived at the site, a discussion started living in the house. The reason for the discussion must have been a monetary debt.

Wild shooting

Then a riot with wild shootings erupted. According to the prosecutor, one of the men fired six shots at the home where two people were. One of the gunmen then answered the fire and hit a window in the neighboring house. Therefore, he is also one of the defendants in the case. Two meters away from the bullet holes in the neighboring house, a seven-year-old girl lay asleep. Miraculously, no one is injured during the incident.

According to the police, they already know each other and the police investigation has been extensive. Over 100 people have been heard and in the seizures there are drugs, doping preparations and weapons, but not those used in the shooting in May.

Chatted about the shooting

The police have also secured chat conversations where the shooting is discussed both before and after. Several of those involved are also charged with drug offenses, as well as a fifth person, a 21-year-old woman.

Pictures from the preliminary investigation. Photo: Police

All four men charged with the shooting death themselves deny the crime. The verdict is expected to come on Friday at 2pm.

Source: svt

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