Toulouse (AFP)

A delegation of representatives of the rebellious France was greeted in Toulouse on Thursday evening by the leaders of EELV on their summer days, at a time when both put forward the ecological urgency.

Guillaume Balas, the coordinator of Générations, and Raphaël Glucksmann, MEP "Place public", who participated Thursday in debates of these days of summer, were also present at this convivial pot.

After clasping a few hands, the MEP Yannick Jadot, top of the list EELV to the Europeans where the Greens collected 13.5% of the vote, quickly eclipsed.

"We are invited to drink quietly under the sun of Toulouse to discuss," said the coordinator of insubordinate France Adrien Quatennens arriving at the University of Mirail, accompanied by the MEP Manuel Bompard, and the adviser of Paris Danielle Simonnet.

"There are debates between us, they are known (...) The climate fact is now present in the lives of all French (...) At EELV everyone does not say the same thing but there is who are starting to say that we have to break with a system, we are here to discuss, "insisted Mr. Quatennens.

However, he did not hide some disagreements with Mr Jadot: "when Yannick Jadot says he is ready to work with right-wing people for the municipal, I consider it a political mistake," added the MP of the North whose party LFI itself made his return to Toulouse, a "chance" according to Mr. Bompard

The leader of La France Insoumise, Jean-Luc Melenchon, had stressed Wednesday on Facebook this "concomitant", pointing out that it promised "good dialogues" to each other.

Asked about these words, Yannick Jadot was pleased. "It's very good, I see that taking a step back makes us all feel good," he said during a press conference.

"(François) Ruffin is coming tomorrow (Friday) and we are planning to see each other.I'll be very happy to work with François Ruffin." (Raphael) Gluckmann is coming and that's fine. (Ingrid) Levavasseur (a figure of the + vests Jaunes +, Ed) comes and it's very good. (Guillaume) Balas comes and it's very good, they are remarkable people, with whom we have vocation to work, and there are many others ", he added.

The MEP, however, had very harsh words to Mr. Ruffin during the European campaign. "Ruffin is a populist, and in the name of that, he is ready to tolerate intolerable things," he said in January on the sidelines of a trip to Grande-Synthe (North).

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