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The highly anticipated seventh album of the American singer Taylor Swift unveiled Friday, "Lover", overflowing with odes to love and assumed positions.

"This album is truly a celebration of love in all its complexity, comfort and chaos," tweeted the artist at the time of release of this disc of 18 tracks.

Faithful to herself, Taylor Swift includes in her pieces a series of reflections on her previous sentimental disappointments, but also boosts optimism by evoking her current relationship with the English actor Joe Alwyn, several songs alluding to marriage.

His new relationship with Britain is probably why the singer chose The Guardian to qualify Donald Trump's "autocracy" mandate.

Taylor Swift had received a lot of criticism in 2016 when she gave up supporting a presidential candidate, which led to the Republican's victory.

In "Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince", the artist seems to change course, expressing more explicitly his disappointment vis-à-vis the United States.

"The American story burns in front of me / I feel helpless / The girls are depressed / The boys will stay boys" she sings.

And in "The Man" she points to the injustices that women face, both at work and in love.

She takes the opportunity to pin the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his love affairs with young women, implying that his own relations would be less scrutinized and criticized if it was a man: "They would drink to my health and let the draggers flirt / I'll be like Leo in Saint Tropez ".

"Lover" is also the first album whose star has recordings, under the new agreement signed with Universal Music Group / Republic Records.

The owner of the "masters", original recordings used to make vinyls, CDs and other digital copies, decides how the songs are reproduced or sold. These coveted recordings are one of the main sources of income for artists who own the rights.

The star has also raised the possibility of re-recording her old albums released on the Big Machine label, which she has now left, to regain control of her tracks.

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