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See the devastation after the explosion in Linköping


At nine o'clock on Friday, a powerful explosion occurred in central Linköping. There were extensive damage to several properties nearby and seven people were taken to hospitals with minor to moderate injuries. See pictures from the explosion site here.

Fabric debris sway in the wind from one of the demolished balconies at Hamngatan in Linköping. The pressure wave from Friday's explosion has turned the balconies at strange angles and pushed into people's homes. You look straight in through the windowless windows.

Roof tiles, sheet metal, glass shards and branches are scattered across the roadway in the heat while Linköpings residents ask questions at the police barrier. Many are still trying to understand how this could happen here.

Large wood chips remain on the road at Hamngatan in Linköping. Photo: Per Nilsson

Painted facades. The pressure wave from the explosion was strong. A woman says it passed right through her apartment and cracked window panes, knocking down flower pots and lamps on the way. Photo: Per Nilsson

Yawning window shutters are temporarily clogged while waiting for window glass. Below the crane car the street is filled with glass crusher. Photo: Per Nilsson

Cordoned off. The police technical investigation continues throughout the weekend. The bombers have done their thing, but are waiting for the analysis answers before they can say what triggered the explosion. Photo: Per Nilsson

Idyllic summer day. But behind the elderflower and the lilac, facades are reminiscent of a war site. Photo: Per Nilsson

The worst hit apartment buildings are still closed. A police guard at the intersection on Ådalagatan in Linköping. The tenants must not yet enter here. Photo: Per Nilsson

Only construction workers, security guards and police can stay inside the barrier. Photo: Per Nilsson

Saturday afternoon: The pressure wave from the explosion shattered all the windows in the apartment block. Here you set up temporary protection for the windows while waiting for renovation. Photo: Anna-Karin Thorstensson

On Saturday morning, several of the tenants were allowed to come into their apartments and retrieve personal belongings. Many described it as tough to see everything that was destroyed in their home. Photo: Per Nilsson

Here Regina was sitting having breakfast when the pressure wave shattered the windows in the living room. Photo: Per Nilsson

Saturday afternoon: Many curious Linköpings residents took a walk when to the explosion site on Hamngatan to see and try to understand what happened with their own eyes. Photo: Anna-Karin Thorstensson

The fence awaits to screen off the explosion site which for a day has been the police workplace, but which will soon be turned into a construction site. Photo: Anna-Karin Thorstensson

What really happened? How could there be such great damage? Here? In Linköping? Many people visited the explosion site on Saturday when the police released the barricades. Photo: Anna-Karin Thorstensson

Cordoned off. Between Linnégatan and Drottningsgatan, Hamngatan was still blocked off on Saturday. Photo: Per Nilsson

Quiet and fate. During Saturday afternoon it was quiet on Hamngatan in central Linköping. Some of the barriers are gone, but much work remains to find out what has happened and build up what was destroyed. Photo: Anna-Karin Thorstensson

Hamngatan in Linköping. On the other hand, the barriers continue life as usual. But for all those who live on this site, everyday life suddenly swung. Photo: Per Nilsson

The explosion occurred at a five-story building on Ådalagatan. Police suspect someone has placed an explosive charge outside one of the properties. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson

9.02 on Friday, police were alerted to Hamngatan in central Linköping. One person said it heard a loud bang. When the police got there, the devastation was great. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson

Crushed glass, sheet metal and wood chips lay scattered across Hamngatan. Police blocked off an area of ​​several blocks around Hamngatan / Ådalagatan during Friday. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson

On Saturday morning, the police had not yet apprehended anyone. There is also no suspect. You follow several different tracks and would like to have tips on anyone seen any vehicle or any person before the explosion. Photo: Jesper Gustafsson

Several properties suffered major damage. In the area there is, among other things, a preschool, a traffic school and the City Commission's premises for children's activities and call support. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson

On Friday night, the police lifted some of the barriers so they could come close and see the devastation in the area. Many Linköpings residents then gathered to see with their own eyes what had happened. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson

On Saturday, the property owners, and some of the tenants, came into the apartments for the first time to see how large the damage is. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson

The day after the explosion. This is the worst hit apartment building. Ådalagatan 1-3. Photo: Mimmi Moberg

Source: svt

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