Prime Minister Abe Departs for France to attend G7 August 23, 12:25


Prime Minister Abe left for France before noon on the 23rd to attend the G7 Summit. Prior to this, Prime Minister Abe told reporters that he would like to openly exchange opinions with the leaders of each country on the promotion of free trade and the situation in Iran, based on the results of the G20 Osaka Summit in June.

Prime Minister Abe left Haneda Airport on the 23rd of noon on the 23rd of noon in order to attend the G7 Summit = 7 major summits in Biarritz, southwestern France.

Prior to this, Prime Minister Abe told reporters at the Prime Minister ’s office, “On the achievements of the previous G20 Osaka Summit, global issues such as sustainable global economic growth, promotion of free trade, and climate change. I would like to exchange opinions on the local situation, such as the situation in North Korea and Iran, and to produce results. "

In addition, the G7 Summit is expected to be for the first time to adopt the “Summary Declaration” that has been announced annually. In the end, I was able to continue to produce good results. ”

In addition, Prime Minister Abe said the Japan-US summit meeting scheduled to be held at the summit, “I would like to exchange frank opinions from the perspective of continuing diplomatic efforts regarding the situation in the Middle East. We must proceed with discussions to reach a win-win conclusion for both countries. "