The first secretary of the PS called Friday not to fade away or isolate themselves against Europe Ecology-Greens.

Olivier Faure, first secretary of the PS, called on Friday to develop the "ecological dimension" of his party, pleading to avoid both "erasure" and "isolation" in particular facing the Greens who have been on the rise since the Europeans.

Combine social and ecology

"There is no viable ecology without the social and no viable society without the ecology," said the first secretary, interviewed by AFP, on the sidelines of the summer school of the PS in La Rochelle, the first since 2015. Olivier Faure wants to build "a path that mixes both". "Everyone talks about social issues, ecology and democracy, and our specificity is that we go together," he insisted.

The boss of the Socialist Party, whose party has collected 6.2% of the vote in the European elections far behind the ecologists of EELV (13.5%), has also confessed to "appreciate the clarification" made the day before by the leader Yannick Jadot in his closing speech to the socialist elected representatives of Fnesr (National Federation of Socialist and Republican elected representatives). "A few weeks ago, he (Yannick Jadot) said he could ally with everyone [Thursday], he said that everyone was not the extreme right, not the liberals. there are not many people left, "he quipped.

Faure salutes Jadot's "clarification"

Yannick Jadot, sometimes suspected of wanting to shoot EELV towards the center, said Thursday in the Parisian that there would be no alliance with the presidential party LREM at the municipal elections next March. Nearly six months before this crucial vote for the PS, Olivier Faure stressed that "this clarification goes straight to the heart". But I understand that there will often be a number of primaries that will be organized between the left and the environmentalists. Then there will be a second round where we will have to meet again. "

"Division inevitably leads to obliteration". However, "I am neither for erasure nor for isolation," added the first secretary.