Large parts of Linköping were shaken by the pressure wave during the explosion outside a five-story property. Many question marks remain regarding what has happened, including the explosives used.

- We have had bomb and forensic techniques in place that have seized items that were sent for analysis. But it is too early to give any answers yet, says Daniel Axelsson, commissioner and chief of serious crimes at the Linköping police.

He notes that it was a powerful explosive.

- If you look around here you see that it is a great devastation. We have some speculation, but we will not go out with it, says Daniel Axelsson.

Surveillance films are analyzed

Right now, the police are working broadly and intensively to clarify what has happened.

- We have held a lot of hearings already, about 250 hearings. We bring in surveillance cameras that we process and analyze. We have taken items to fittings that have been sent for analysis and we are waiting for feedback.

New suspect object

During the night towards Monday, the bomb guard was again called to Linköping after information about a suspected object in approximately the same area.

- It's not uncommon for people to be extra vigilant and call the police after such a big event, which is good. We do not chance and to take it safe in front of the uncertain, we blocked off a large area. But we checked the item and can completely write it off, it is harmless, says Daniel Axelsson.