Is it a rabbit or a crow? Illusion video is the topic August 23, 10:05


A mysterious video that looks like a rabbit with a photographed crow is posted on SNS.

The topical video was posted on Twitter with the comment `` Rabbit loves to stroke his nose '', and it was filmed that a creature that looks like a black rabbit is being stroked by a person It is.

In fact, this creature is a crow, with its beak pointing up like the ears of a rabbit and stroking its head as if stroking the nose or neck of a rabbit.

A male researcher from the University of Oslo in Norway found it on an image and video sharing site and posted it on the 18th.

This video uses an optical illusion, and when it is posted, it immediately attracts attention as “It looks like trick art” and has already exceeded 10 million views.

With this video as a trigger, images and videos of creatures that look different depending on the angle are posted one after another, including images such as a rabbit looking like a bird or a creature like a snail looking like a rabbit, It has become a hot topic all over the world.