GSOMIA destroyed Korean newspaper also reported a large coverage August 23 12:19

The Korean government has decided to abolish the military information comprehensive protection agreement = “GSOMIA” with Japan, the Korean newspapers on the 23rd picked up the top one, and the innovative newspaper affirmed the government's decision On the other hand, conservative newspapers have raised concerns that collaboration with the United States will be affected.

Among them, the innovative Hankyoreh newspaper positively stated that it "showed the government's determined willingness to take no step in Japan's unfounded trade retaliation."

In addition, as for the background of the decision, “Despite the efforts of President Moon Jae-in to make diplomatic solutions to problems in his speech this month, the attitude of the Japanese government has not changed. It was a decisive factor. ”

On the other hand, the conservative “Chuo Nippo” has the headline “A crack in the security structure of Korea, the United States, and Japan”. “The agreement is a framework of military cooperation actively promoted by the United States. "It ’s the axis. You may have to create a new framework."

In addition, the conservative “Toa Nippo” asked in the editorial, “Did you fully consider the alliance with the United States and the response to North Korea?” Recently, allegations of fraud have emerged in the aides of President Moon "The question arises that domestic political considerations may have worked. Relations with Japan are likely to shake again."