Encountering a bear in a midnight villa US high school student August 23, 11:27


In the US, a bear invaded a villa where high school students were staying at midnight. High school students desperately prevented the bear from entering the room until the sheriff rushed, and the video of the surveillance camera that captured the state of the villa is attracting attention.

The video was shot in a villa in Western California, where a 15-year-old high school student and their family and friends were staying.

Before dawn on the 17th of this month, the bear invaded from an unlocked garage, and the video of the surveillance camera moved the room after the bear made a loud noise and touched the refrigerator in the living room on the first floor. While the refrigerator buzzer sounds, it seems to lie down in front of the sofa.

According to local media, a 15-year-old male high school student was watching TV with a friend in the bedroom on the first floor, and noticed the loud noise from the living room and looked out of the room. It is that.

Then, the bear tried to open the bedroom door, and the high school student reported to the police while holding the door desperately.

The sheriff rushed to check the existence of the bear by illuminating the villa with a flashlight, then opened the living room door and let the bear escape. And when the sheriff urged `` It's okay to get out of the room '', high school students came out relievedly, capturing the moment of fear facing the bear over the door for a dozen minutes The video that has attracted attention.