The chairman babies in the hall. Voice of empathy for the video New Zealand August 23 10:14


In the New Zealand parliament, videos of the chairman and milking the baby brought by lawmakers spread on the Internet, and there are a number of positive comments such as “I want it to spread to the world politics”.

On the 21st in New Zealand Parliament, a ruling party member of the parliament came to the hospital with a baby, and President Trevor Mallard had a act of scolding the baby at the chairman's seat and giving milk using a baby bottle .

The baby was just born last month, and the legislators attended parliamentary deliberations on this day after childcare leave.

Mr. Mallard, who also has three children himself, posted a picture of the baby on Twitter and commented with a joke, “The chairperson's seat is usually used only by the chairman, but today he sat with VIP.” doing.

On the Twitter response, Mr. Mallard responded with a lot of positive comments, such as “I want you to spread to the world politics” or “I am lucky to have a caring chair.”

New Zealand's child-rearing environment has been attracting worldwide attention, such as being allowed to breastfeed in the legislature, and last year Prime Minister Adan took maternity leave.