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Cayetano Rivera: "You can't talk with the antitaurine"


The bullfighter is on a roll. This summer he has been the winner in San Fermín and has just left on the shoulders of the Plaza de Málaga. Today we fight in Bilbao. When he can, he escapes to his shelter

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The bullfighter is on a roll. This summer he has been the winner in San Fermín and has just left on the shoulders of the Plaza de Málaga. Today we fight in Bilbao. When he can, he escapes to his refuge in Ronda, where the ashes of Orson Welles rest. There, receive THE WORLD.

Why fear more: a Miura or a reporter of the heart? Of course the bull! Once they asked me if it was more difficult to parade in Milan or to fight; You have to look at things with perspective. He is a great media character, but he does not lavish much in interviews, why? I have always been quite reserved. I do only specific things. Living since I was little surrounded by 'paparazzi' will have influenced. I suffered a lot as a child that harassment, especially when my father died. It was what made my mother decide to move from Seville to Madrid. He thought that in a bigger city we would go more unnoticed and could lead a more normal life. Is fame ...? When someone comes to greet you with love, admiration and respect, it is very beautiful and gives you satisfaction. But unfortunately there are people who defend that because you are famous you have no right to have private life and assault you anywhere. They are both sides of the same coin. How do you prepare a bullfighter? There is physical and mental wear, so you have to prepare a lot in both facets. Hence our isolation for our preparation. As an elite athlete who plays life. Everything is very programmed. I have my bullfighting calendar and from there I organize my preparation.It was a winner in San Fermín and in Malaga, where he opened the big door after no other bullfighter had done it in the last 12 years ... I remember it with much affection and emotion. They are of those so important and so firm afternoons in the life of a bullfighter that they mark. I have always said that I am lucky to know the hardest part of the profession, but I have also had great important triumphs that make all the effort and sacrifice worthwhile. ? Both are part of our profession and both teach different things. The mishaps demonstrate how difficult, hard and risky our profession is. The triumphs, that the effort and sacrifice have their reward. Although in the world of the bull there is another component that is not necessary in other disciplines; not everyone who strives and surrenders gets it, there must be something else: you have to transmit, and that is not only achieved by wanting. What does a bullfighter think in the square? We are focused and clear-minded. We all dream tasks, but then you have to adapt to the conditions of the bull. And that dream job, has it arrived or not? That task never comes. My grandfather said that he had never managed to do his dream job, and notice that he was considered a teacher of teachers. You have to go out to the ring to give your best. What is your secret? One bullfights as it is; There are no secrets here. Everyone has their preparation and training, depending on what is best for them. The teacher 'Spartacus' told me "each teacher with his booklet." What is bullfighting? It is a form of artistic expression composed of a technical movement, but at the same time with feeling and courage. They live a mixture of emotions that can only be transmitted through bullfighting. Your grandfather, father and uncle were bullfighters, do the names of this lineage weigh heavily? It is a responsibility to bring the surnames of great geniuses in the same profession to which you dedicate yourself, but I take it as a motivation, an aspiration. Both Antonio Ordonez, Paquirri and Luis Miguel Dominguín were three great geniuses and the three very different. I have noticed them, but when I fight I am myself, I do not intend to copy anyone. The last names help you when you start, they open doors, but they also demand you. You were late. Before starting with the bulls, he was an Armani model, studied film, in a business school ... He is not the typical bullfighter who starts very young. It is true that I am an atypical case in the world of bulls. I studied before bullfighting and started much later than the others. I had the opportunity to train as a man rather than as a bullfighter and I think that has benefited me in many things, although I have others against it. Do you think about the withdrawal? I am sure that the next time I withdraw from the ring will be the final one. It is a very difficult decision. I do not have much left, although I have not yet decided when. From the outside, it seems that the world of the bull is very closed, what should I do to open more? Little by little it is opening. The Toro de Lidia Foundation is doing a great job in this regard and is available to anyone who wants to approach and inform themselves. I think a large part of the anti-bullfighting movement arises from ignorance, so it is very important to open up and for people to know it. Recently, an anti-bullfighter person proposed to me to make bullfights as in Portugal, then it turned out that I did not know that the bull was killed at the end of the bullfight, only that it was not done in the ring ... What are the evils of the party national? The antitaurinos? Here we have several fronts. One is the animalist; There should be no problem with this, once you are informed of the conditions in which the bull lives and how you have the opportunity to fight and thus be able to save your life, compared to other animals for consumption. There is the anti-bullfighting; with that one cannot talk. He doesn't care about the bull, all he wants is to ban because that person doesn't like it. We have the separatists, who want to disconnect from any sign of Spanish identity. And finally, we have the hypocritical and irresponsible politician who makes propaganda with demagogy to satisfy what he thinks his voters think. A good stir was made in social networks when you censored the irresponsibility of a Pacma candidate, when filming a video feeding to a meek bull making believe that it was a bull of fighting. Yes, it is shameful and very irresponsible. You have to have respect for the truth. You cannot make up stories to win votes and also make people think that they can approach a brave bull and that there is no danger. In Spain there are many bull farms and it is very dangerous to make people believe that you can approach a brave bull with a twig. If that is not a crime it should be, they have not even apologized or rectified. I would like to see what they do if the one who approaches a brave bull is a son or daughter of his. There are no special effects here; when we suffer a grenade, we really bleed, and there are bullfighters who have lost their lives; a little more respect. What would you say to who you call bullfighters killers? Me personally, it doesn't affect me anymore; There are even those who want us to die and rejoice when a bullfighter loses his life. I feel bad for my family and worry about the society in which we are becoming. Bulls are a show that nobody is obliged to go to, but we all have the right to freedom to do so. And the animalists who really care about the bull, who look at other countries where bullfighting shows existed before and where today the brave bull has disappeared, for example Germany, England or Italy. You cannot defend the brave bull and ask that there are no bullfights. The Royal Family has always supported the world of the bull, but more the King emeritus than Felipe VI. The bulls are a matter of taste and respect for the person who does not like; As long as they respect us, we live in harmony. King Felipe has shown his respect for bullfighting, attending on specific occasions, we can not ask for more. The emeritus King and even the infant Elena and her children do go to the squares more, and we are happy because it is a pride to have his presence. The Royal House has always treated us with respect.Morante de la Puebla, who was his godfather in Sales, has publicly supported Vox because he says it is the only party that supports the national holiday without complexes. He has also received attacks and graffiti on his property for this ... It is very legitimate that someone wants to publicly support one party or another, and therefore should not be attacked. You have to have tolerance for everyone, both for those who are bullfighters and for those who are not. I have never voted for a party just for their opinion on the world of bull because there are more important, more necessary and urgent things, but it is appreciated when they are clear. Not in the bull but in everything. There are games that play two bands, depending on the moment and that creates uncertainty. Therefore, it is appreciated when there are parties that take a firm stance. There are partners who go on political lists and it seems perfect to me. Has no party tempted you to go on an electoral list or to attend a rally? I have not been proposed either, but I am very transparent in my way of thinking I have tweets for and against several parties based on their actions, regardless of the match. There is no one who identifies 100% with all the proposals of a party or against it. You have to have the ability to value what is done well and what you think is done badly. Come on, don't be sectarian. Sure. When they are they lose credibility. I am against removing the ban from the center of Madrid, although that means I am aware of whether or not I can enter with the car, but I consider it a sensible move, although I understand that changes must be made slowly so as not to harm the ones that affect them the most, in this case the shops and the people who go to work at the center every day. Actress Paz Vega complains that journalists ask her how she organizes with her children, but the men don't ask her This kind of issues. How does Cayetano reconcile? I love spending time with my son. The food costs me a little more, it's not my forte; I am a soft and as soon as he does not want more, I leave him, but I change diapers, I give him the bath and I am happy like that. Eva [González, the presenter, model and mother of her son] in winter spends more time away from home than me, but now in summer it is I who spends more time outside. We are almost a family in turns but that is what it is.

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