Only the bus giant Nobina has noted about 70 collisions between buses and between buses and fixed objects since the beginning of the year. Also Håkan Larsson, CEO of Kristian Larsson's bus traffic, can attest to incidents.

- At one point, our bus was hit from behind. The box was pressed in and there was glass throughout the bus. Fortunately, no one was left behind at this time.

Considering all that had happened, Håkan Larsson, and several other bus representatives, felt that they had to act. Therefore, a joint letter was recently sent to those responsible for traffic. On the one hand, it is about making it clear to pedestrians and cyclists how to get there, and there are suggestions on moving part of the bus traffic from the west side of the Travel Center to the east, to Stationsgatan.

Trying to be responsive

Stefan Adolfsson is traffic manager at Uppsala Region. He is aware of the situation and believes that as far as possible it is trying to go to the bus companies to meet.

One suggestion from Kristian Larsson's bus traffic is to move some traffic from the west side to the east; thus putting more of the traffic on Stationsgatan. Can you imagine?

- This is one thing that we could very well look at, but we also have to take into account the passengers' access to the buses.

The travel center needs to be rebuilt

Stefan Adolfsson admits that a growing Uppsala is increasing the pressure on the Travel Center. And challenges are not missing.

- By extension, the Travel Center must be redone, which means that there are more and better conditions for the traffic we need.

In the clip above you can check out what it looks like at Travel Center in rush hour.