Today, Defense Minister Chung Kyung-du and Chairman General Park Han-gi took a vacation and emptied their office. It is a simultaneous leave of two top military leaders who must make a final military decision in need. Despite many issues surrounding national security, including the decision to end the ROK-Japan military information protection agreement and the announcement by North Korea's Foreign Minister Lee Yong-ho, the two left.

Even when there is no security issue at all, it is an implicit practice of the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to leave one person on vacation. It's like the president and the prime minister never leave. That is why today's simultaneous vacation of the minister and the chairman is very unusual. Why did you do it? Today's new commander, David Burger, of the US Marine Corps has visited Korea. Before I visited Japan, I visited Japan to prevent Japanese defense. Burger said in a news conference yesterday in Tokyo, Japan, "We expect the Japan-Japan military information security agreement to be important and well resolved from a military standpoint."

Commander Burger's main purpose was to prevent Chung and Chairman Park. But the vacancy between Commander Park and Park was prevented. Observers say the commander and chairman have left their seats in fear of ignoring the burger commander's decision to end the Korea-Japan military security agreement. It seems obvious that this is a rude in terms of military diplomacy in the alliance. Commander Burger met with the commander of the Rhee Marine Corps this morning and will leave tomorrow. ● Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Combat Leave!

When the US Marine Corps commander David Berger's plan to prevent the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was announced to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the joint officials were reported to have communicated to the United States that the chairman was on a combat vacation and difficult to meet. An official from the military said, "If a US Marine commander-level officer visits Korea, he will meet with the chairman." It is hard to understand that the prevention of the new US Marine commander has been caused by the president's combat leave.

Chairman Park Han-gi took a day off today because he could not rest on holiday during the United States-Korea Combined Training. The ROK-US Combined Training schedule was imminent, and the president's combat vacation was only recently set. Combat vacations are irregular holidays, not early scheduled vacations, so soldiers usually do small work or exercise at home. If you have an important event, it is easy to cancel.

Even the active duty officers of the Joint Chiefs of Staff criticized that "President Park Han-gi should have returned to the office after fighting off vacation and met with Burger Commander." Considering that the only stable movements currently underway between the US and ROK are the KMEP coalition training of the US-Korea Marine Corps and the first ground troops to be extended to the Korean Peninsula in case of emergency, the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force (3MEP FORCE), the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Burger I had to meet the Marine Corps commander to guess Hap. ● The Minister handles the main tasks at the mission during vacations!

Secretary of Defense Chung Kyung-Doo is on vacation yesterday and today. I am staying at a mission in downtown Seoul. Defense Ministry spokesman Choi Hyun-soo said today, "The minister is on vacation, but he is doing a major job at the mission."

Burger Commander's prevention is also a key task of the Secretary of Defense in the security environment of the Korean Peninsula. But did not meet. Choi spoke only yesterday, “I'll tell you again later.” He doesn't explain the specific reasons why the Secretary of Defense is not meeting with the US Marine Corps commander.

Commander Burger came to Japan before the visit to meet with the Ishiya Takeshi Defense, the Self-Defense Forces Commander, and Suga Yoshihide. In Korea, we met only the commander of the Marine Corps, Syngdo Rhee. A photo of the US-Korea Marine Corps commander's meeting today is not available.

Simultaneous leave by the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Defense and the commander 'passing' of the US Marine Corps will not be unrelated to US dissatisfaction with the decision to end the Japan-US military information security agreement. Burger flew to Korea yesterday after holding a press conference in Japan, stressing the necessity of maintaining a Korea-Japan military information security agreement.

● “No agreement destruction backup plan”

In a press conference held at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo yesterday, Commander Burger said, "I expect that the issue between the two countries will be solved well." It is very important for the military to share information. When asked about the possibility of breaking the agreement, they dismissed "I don't want to estimate a backup plan like Plan B or C at this stage."

If Commander Commander visited the Yongsan-gu Defense Department or Joint Government Building in Seoul today, he has no choice but to meet with reporters. The question about the decision to end the agreement is likely to have criticized our government's decision. Several active officers say, "It seems that the minister and chairman have avoided vacation because they are saying something about the burger commander's decision."

Burger is said to have dinner with Ambassador Harry Harris this evening. I will be leaving Korea tomorrow.