Paris (AFP)

The leftist parties, converted to "green software", must now merge into a "movement" that will build "one bid" for the presidential election of 2022, said Thursday PSG Raphael Glucksmann.

"The strategy, clearly, is the rally," said France Inter the ex-head of the PS / Place public list at the European elections, at the moment when PS, EELV, LFI and the PCF organize their summer schools this weekend.

Socialists, Greens and LFI each on their side: "all these logic will have to be exceeded or we already know that the scenario is written, it will be Marine Le Pen face Emmanuel Macron in 2022," he added, speaking of "historical responsibility" of the left.

"On the merits never have the positions on the left been so close.The conversion of all the former productivist left to a green software allows this gathering" and we must now build "a movement that brings together the tradition of social democracy and the emergence "of this green software.

"The only solution to propose an alternative to Emmanuel Macron, is to dissolve, to overcome the political parties that existed before Emmanuel Macron", because "there is nothing that pre-existed Emmanuel Macron who can beat it and propose some Enthusiastic for 2022, "said Glucksmann, saying it implies" a cultural revolution common to all the left ".

He noted that the left parties are "already in agreement on points that are sufficiently powerful for a program of transformation and an alternative: we agree on the end of the republican monarchy, on the democratization of institutions, we are agreement on decentralization, we agree on ecological transformation, we agree on the preservation of biodiversity, we agree that Emmanuel Macron's tax reforms are deeply unfair and that must come back, "he said.

But we must also address topics that are not so far: security, secularism, "question of the common destiny of a nation".

Raphael Glucksmann, whose list obtained 6,19% of the votes to the Europeans at the end of May, will he be this unifying candidate in 2022? "I do not really think so," he said. Asked about the leader of EELV, he said he had "no problem with Yannick Jadot".

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