• Immigration: The Open Arms lands on the island of Lampedusa after the Italian Prosecutor's Office ends the immigration crisis
  • Immigration.Matteo Salvini: 14 months of blockade of 14 ships and 3,000 immigrants

The Italian Coast Guard has reported that the examinations carried out at the Open Arms in the Sicilian port of Porto Empedocle have detected "serious anomalies" that justify the "immediate" immobilization of the ship , on which a confiscation order issued by the Prosecutor also weighs , according to Europa Press.

Coast Guard troops have inspected this Thursday the Open Arms, which on Tuesday could dock in Lampedusa thanks to an emergency measure by the prosecutor and against the criteria of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, which prevents any landing of rescued immigrants and refugees by NGO.

The analyzes carried out in the last hours would have detected " a series of serious anomalies related to the safety of navigation , respect for the regulations on the protection of the marine environment and the training and familiarity of the crew with emergency procedures", according to the Coast Guard.

These anomalies imply "the immediate administrative closure" of the ship, pending at least the " technical and operational irregularities " detected during the inspection, said the statement.

The prosecutor of Agrigento, Luigi Patronaggio, has also requested this Thursday the judge of instruction of this Sicilian city to confirm the preventive stoppage of the Open Arms , which since the eve is in Porto Empedocle after landing on Tuesday in Lampedusa to the 83 immigrants I had on board.

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