Secretary of the Secretary of Secretary “Hong Kong Demonstration” 14:07 on August 22

In connection with ongoing protests against the government in Hong Kong, Secretary of Secretary Jun said that he was very worried about the number of injured persons and Through discussions, we hoped that the situation would be picked up early and that Hong Kong would remain stable.

In Hong Kong, protests have been ongoing for over two months over a draft amendment to the ordinance that will allow the suspects to be handed over to mainland China.

Regarding this, the secretary of the secretary said at a press conference, “We are watching the situation with great interest, including the viewpoint of protecting the Japanese, especially in the last few weeks, the clash between the demonstrators and the police, I am very worried about the large number of injured people. "

On top of that, the secretary of the secretary said, “I hope that through peaceful discussions between the concerned parties, the situation will be quickly gathered and the stability of Hong Kong will be maintained. "Said.