Japan-China-ROK Foreign Ministers' Meeting New document August 22 14:05 in cooperation with third countries in a wide range of fields

A document that Japan, China, and South Korea will cooperate with third countries in a wide range of fields such as environmental conservation and disaster prevention / reduction at the Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in the suburbs of Beijing on the 21st I compiled it.

The document points out, “In light of the many developing countries in Asia and the problems of inadequate development facing Asia, it is essential to pursue a new model in order to improve cooperation between Japan, China and Korea.” The basic concept of cooperating with third countries other than Japan, China and South Korea mainly with Asian countries in mind is described.

And in cooperation, in accordance with principles such as transparency and openness, "sustainable economy", "ecology and environmental conservation", "disaster prevention and mitigation", "health", "poverty eradication", "human exchange" In the future, we will consider specific details.