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Is the secrets of the sale of Iranian oil?


Jazeera Net-Tehran

Tehran has threatened Washington's view that any supply attempt or support for the Arian Darya 1, formerly known as Grace 1, would be a support for a foreign terrorist organization by renewing its threat to close the Strait of Hormuz, and warned of the consequences of what it called "US economic terrorism" against it.

"If Iran is prevented from exporting its oil, the international waterways will not be as secure as before," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said when meeting with members of his government, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. It will be in its favor and will not guarantee security in the region and the world.

On the military front, Iran reiterated its rejection of the US initiative to protect the freedom of navigation in the Gulf waters. General Ali Fadavi, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards, stressed that Gulf security lies with his country and the countries of the region, adding that the US presence in the region has not only provided its security, but also created Insecurity.

Kushki: The ultimate destination of the tanker "of the secrets of the sale of Iranian oil" (websites)

While there has been much talk in Iran and abroad about the final destination of the tanker "Grace 1", especially as Greece denied the possibility of reaching its ports by the 25th of this month; political science professor at Tehran University Mohammad Sadiq Kosheki considered the final destination of the tanker "secrets of the sale of Iranian oil," Revealed.

The political analyst - close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards - in a press statement that the Iranian Oil Ministry will determine the destination of the tanker in accordance with national interests, considering US pressure on the carrier and its crew as part of the "trade war waged by America on all countries of the world."

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has threatened that anyone touching, supporting, or allowing the Grace 1 is at risk of sanctions from the United States, adding that "if the ship heads back to Syria, we will take all possible measures, consistent with Those sanctions in order to prevent that. "

Kouchki ruled out the ability of the United States to apply its threats on the Russian tanker loaded with Iranian oil, adding that his country has proved to London that if the interests of the Islamic Republic and its national security are damaged, the existing tension will also prolong British interests.

Carrier destination
He said that the decision to arrest `` Grace 1 '' came at the will of the United States, but ended in accordance with the Iranian will.He said that Tehran reserves the right to file a complaint against Britain in international courts.He considered that the follow-up of the case judicially and legally became necessary for Iran to prevent a repeat of such events in the future.

Abbas Aslani, a researcher at the Middle East Center for Strategic Studies, said that as Iranian officials said the supertanker could not be on its way to Syria, especially since its size was too large for the Syrian port of Banias.

Aslani considered the arrival of the tanker its final destination is a priority for Iran (Al Jazeera)

Speaking to Al Jazeera Net, he stressed that although some reports talk about Greece as the last destination of the tanker, Iran is pursuing a policy of non-disclosure of the destination of oil tankers because of US sanctions, to prevent America from hindering its oil exports.

As for Greece's announcement that it did not receive a request from the tanker to dock at one of its ports, the Iranian university professor said that the tanker is still far from Greek waters, and that it has ample time - even two days before its arrival there - to do so.

The Fate of Grace 1
On the expected scenarios of the tanker after leaving the waters of Gibraltar, the Iranian university professor said that the arrival of the tanker destination is a priority for Iran in the current circumstances, and no expected return to Iranian waters, but will not announce its destination in advance because of fear of problems that may be created by America to zero Iranian oil.

Aslani ruled out direct US intervention to acquire the Adrian Daria 1, especially after the Iranian warning through the Swiss embassy (sponsor of US interests in Tehran) of the consequences of such measures, and expected Tehran to make a similar response by arresting a US oil tanker, such as the arrest of a tanker Stina Impero, British.

He questioned the authenticity of what was quoted by "Fox News" US intelligence sources that a tanker named "Bonita Queen", loaded with Iranian oil en route to Syria will stop in Dubai to refuel, stressing that Washington is using sensitivity to Syria to attract the largest number of countries to its alliance and zeroing Iranian oil exports.

Its purpose is pressure
What matters for America is more pressure on the Islamic Republic than sanctions against the Syrian regime, according to Aslani.

Fox News quoted intelligence sources as saying that the tanker will unload its cargo in two Syrian vessels bearing the name of "Al-Qadir" and "Jasmine" in the Mediterranean after their departure from Dubai on a month-long journey, which will pass the Horn of Africa to the Mediterranean.

Iranian official sources also deliberately ignored the report without mentioning it in the official Iranian media.

The Iranian tanker "Adrian Daria 1" left Gibraltar last Sunday after flying the Iranian flag instead of the Panama flag.

Source: aljazeera

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