Berlin (AFP)

Pirate personal data from around 90,000 German MasterCard customers was published this week in an online forum, including credit card numbers, the German press reported, prompting Mastercard to suspend the offending partner platform on Thursday.

"Among other things, we immediately suspended the platform + Priceless Specials + after learning about the incident," said the financial services provider in a statement, stating "do everything possible to find and resolve related issues" to his partner.

"Priceless Specials" is a loyalty program, which allows Mastercard card holders to access bonuses and discounts on other services (car rental, outings, etc.).

The Magazin Newspaper reported the leak, alerted by a German web entrepreneur about publishing on a web forum a file containing addresses, phone numbers, names and credit card numbers of about 90,000 subscribers to it. service in Germany.

Neither the press nor Mastercard Germany has revealed the identity or purpose sought by these pirates.

The flight comes a month and a half after piracy of the personal data of 106 million US and Canadian customers of the US bank Capital One Financial. The person responsible for this operation, an American hacker, had been arrested less than two weeks after the discovery of the breach.

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