General Assembly with the Korean Parliamentary Federation is considering postponement.

In response to South Korea ’s decision to abandon the comprehensive military information protection agreement = “GSOMIA” with Japan, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Kawamura and former secretary of chief of the Japan-Korea Parliamentary Federation, He said he thought it would be difficult to hold a joint general meeting with the National Diet assembly next month as planned, and to postpone it.

In this, Kawamura and former secretary-general said that Korea decided to abolish the military information comprehensive protection agreement = “GSOMIA” with Japan, “I would like to make efforts to return the relationship between Japan and Korea to normal after the extension of the agreement. It was a shame and regret because I was thinking. I feel like I'm losing clues to bring Japan-Korea relations back to normal. "

In addition, about the joint general meeting with the Korean-Japanese Parliament Federation scheduled in Tokyo in the middle of next month, “I don't know if we can hold a constructive discussion even if it is held as it is today. I want to talk to the Korean side soon, ”he said.