G7: Is it possible to return to Russia?

Presidents of the United States of Europe showed their thoughts that they should return Russia to the G7 = 7 major summits and return to the G8. The difference in the position of Russian treatment is highlighted.

President Trump said on the 20th that Russia should return to the G8 after returning to the G8 framework since the merger of the Crimea of ​​Ukraine five years ago. It was.

On the other hand, British Prime Minister Johnson said at the joint press conference with German Prime Minister Merkel on the 21st, "I think that Russia's return is premature with Prime Minister Merkel," which happened in England last year. Taking negative examples of Russian assassination attempts, he showed negative thoughts on Russia's return.

In addition, French President Macron told reporters on the 21st that "Unconditionally returning to Russia would recognize G7's weaknesses, leading to strategic mistakes," and the return of Russia to Crimea. He was cautious as he needed to solve the merger problem.

Before the G7, which will open on the 24th of this weekend, the difference in position between the US and leaders over the handling of Russia is highlighted.