Defense Minister Iwaya “Building an INF Alternative Framework” August 22, 15:05

INF = Defense Minister Iwaya has a new framework to prevent excessive missile development competition in connection with the United States conducting ground-launched cruise missile launch tests after the abolition of the medium-range nuclear missile treaty expired. Recognized that it would be necessary to build

The United States conducted a ground-launched cruise missile launch experiment that was forbidden by the treaty on 18th of this month after the INF = Medium-Range Nuclear Missile Abolition Treaty expired. The idea is to compete with China, which has been increasing medium-range missiles.

In this connection, Defense Minister Iwaya said at a press conference, “The countries other than the US and Russia, which had signed a treaty, are developing medium-range missiles and deploying warfare. Improving the transparency of military capabilities is an important issue.

“The issue of arms control, including missiles that were covered by the treaty, is directly linked to regional security. A new framework needs to be explored to avoid excessive missile development competition.” .