Confirmation of cooperation by denuclearization of the Korean peninsula Foreign Minister of Japan, China and Korea and Prime Minister Lee of China on August 22, 14:57

Foreign ministers from Japan, China and South Korea will meet with Chinese Prime Minister Lee Keqiang on the 22nd to work closely together to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and to hold a summit meeting of the three countries this year. We confirmed that we would cooperate.

Foreign ministers from Japan, China, and South Korea will hold a meeting in the suburbs of Beijing on the 21st, discuss responses to North Korea that repeatedly repeats short-range ballistic missiles, etc., and work closely together to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula It was agreed by doing.

Foreign Minister Kono and other foreign ministers visited the Beijing People's Hall on the 22nd and met with Prime Minister Lee Keqiang.

Beginning, Kono Minister, make "practical cooperation of the future-oriented in the three countries, in consultation with Wang Yi Foreign Minister, I want to advance the preparation of the summit of the three countries of this year. In addition, the spring of next year, Xi Jinping nation I would like to proceed with preparations for a visit to Japan as the chief state custodian. "

At the meeting, we confirmed that we would work closely together to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and cooperate to hold a summit meeting this year.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on the 22nd that it has compiled a document to promote cooperation with third countries in a wide range of fields such as environmental conservation, disaster prevention and mitigation, at this Foreign Minister's Meeting.