The sun will be present on a very large part of France, Thursday, with some disturbances to be expected in the southeast.

The sun will shine on Thursday, except in the south-east where the weather will be unstable with some showers, according to Météo-France forecasts. A few stormy local showers will fall on Corsica as well as on the Alps and the PACA region. The heaviest storms will sometimes be accompanied by hail.

Rising temperatures

Elsewhere, after the dissipation of the morning gloom, the weather will usually be sunny. In the morning, temperatures will go from 8 to 16 degrees, up to 17 to 23 degrees around the Mediterranean. In the afternoon, it will be 21 to 25 degrees near the Channel, 26 to 31 degrees elsewhere, to 32 to 33 degrees in the south-east and Corsica.