Italian justice has opened for several days an investigation for "manslaughter" after the death of the young man of 27 years.

Simon Gautier, the French hiker missing since August 9 south of Naples, and found nine days later, died of hemorrhagic shock due to the section of a femoral artery, according to the results of the autopsy performed at the hospital. Hospital of Sapri.

According to the analyzes, made public by local media and confirmed by a carabinier, the 27-year-old French boy survived for only 45 minutes. In his fall, he suffered open fractures to both legs with limb displacement and severe cuts, depending on the result of the autopsy that validates information previously given by the carabineros based on a first examination of the body.

Died a few minutes after calling for help

The hiker was able to call an emergency number and was able to give some indication to an operator but the emergency services had failed to locate him later. According to the autopsy, he died only a few minutes after calling for help around 9 am

Disappeared in full hike, Simon Gautier was found dead Sunday, August 18 in a deep ravine, after long operations of research on this very rough coast. The Italian justice has opened for several days an investigation for "manslaughter" to determine if there were delays in the relief provided to the French tourist.

The prosecutor's office in Vallo della Lucania wants to check if the search operations started late. "It's a good thing to be able to shed light and deepen certain aspects of relief operations," Antonio Ricci, the prosecutor, told the local media the day the body was recovered.