The Evening Post reports that it was a mail carrier who noticed the falsely registered car, of the Volvo XC90 brand, which moved in the area near the town of Adak, north of Malå in Västerbotten. The sightings were made just one or two days after the man was reported missing in Markaryd, which is about 120 miles from Adak.

When the 70-year-old's car was seen in the area, another elderly man disappeared after leaving his home in Malå. Even in this case, the police suspect human trafficking.

- The observations apply to the same car. But we do not know if the car has to do with the disappearance of the 80-year-old, says Maria Linné, press spokeswoman for the police in the region North, to TT.

Found voting cards in the forest

According to the Evening Post, a person also found a voice card in the forest around Adak that can be linked to the 70-year-old in Markaryd.

On August 10, a dead person was found outside Markaryd, but police have not yet confirmed if it is a missing 70-year-old. Since then, two foreign nationals have been internationally wanted, suspected of murdering the 70-year-old.


The case of the missing 70-year-old - get the background in the video above Photo: SVT