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"Pablo Iglesias will have no choice but to accept that we govern alone." In La Moncloa they are clear about it: the possibility of a coalition government has been left behind, for now, and the scenario has become binary: o Single-color executive or repetition of elections. United We wanted to resume negotiations with the PSOE on Tuesday and sent him an extensive programmatic document and offered four possible ministerial Cambalache formulas. Ferraz responded with a resounding "no es no" in version 2.0 (less than a month ago, he accepted a coalition) and ordered Pablo Iglesias to negotiate the measures, but in no case the armchairs.

Such is the determination of the Government in functions of not allowing the purple people to enter the Council of Ministers , that the intention of La Moncloa is to seek the discrete support of the partners of Pablo Iglesias to ensure that it yields and allows the investiture, as they reveal to EL MUNDO sources close to Pedro Sánchez. "Almost half of the parliamentary group of Unidos Podemos does not want elections," and that is an important negotiating "trick" that plays "in favor" of Pedro Sánchez.

That is why the Socialist Executive will probe the four political forces that support Podemos in the parliamentary coalition, in an attempt to convince them to avoid the repetition of the elections after the "embarrassment" of the failed investiture of July. Not surprisingly, the members of Iglesias take 17 of the 42 seats in the coalition: In Comú Podem it has seven seats, Izquierda Unida has six, Galicia in common occupies three and Equo , one.

"So far we have built a story and now we are building Government," said another leader close to Sanchez, to show that neither those 17 deputies nor the remaining 25 of the purple group can "morally" refuse a progressive program that develops much of its demands .

The government sources consulted believe that Pablo Iglesias was "amortized" as a purple leader by rejecting on July 24 the coalition offered by Pedro Sánchez, which included a vice-presidency and three ministries for United We ( Health , Equality and Housing ). But in Moncloa they go further: "Pedro Sánchez was not invested by the commitment of Pablo Iglesias to be part of the Government." That is to say, they believe that the leftist leader "never" wanted to agree on a coalition executive in which he was not a minister, despite staging him before the media when he announced that he was taking a step aside to propitiate the agreement. "Either he is inside, or he won't support us," they emphasize.

However, the loss of credit for Podemos, the failed investiture - in the opinion of the government leaders consulted - plays in favor of the PSOE, which no longer maintains its offer of chairs for Podemos. "With the failed investiture, the unfeasibility of a coalition government was evident," Ferraz argued in a statement Tuesday. Therefore, he demanded that Pablo Iglesias stop "working" in the "direction" of a coalition, which has already been "unfeasible."

With that statement, the PSOE flatly rejected the new offer of Podemos, which sent him a menu with four alternatives of ministerial distribution, so that the Socialists chose which combination of purple portfolios would suit them more.

The first of the proposals is basically the one that Iglesias already rejected - Social Vice Presidency and the departments of Equality, Health and Housing -, but adding, again, the Ministry of Labor . This makes the pact even more expensive with respect to the latest proposal made by Iglesias from the speakers' stand, when he requested, in exchange for his vote, a social Vice-Presidency, the Ministries of Equality, Health and Housing ... and the management of the active employment policies.

As if that were not enough, now the PSOE adds a qualitative argument - and hardly refutable - to its refusal: that of the "distrust" that has "increased severely between both formations."

Although we must clarify that it is the acting Executive who pilots the strategy to form a government, and not Ferraz. And the main scenario with which Moncloa works is to reach a progressive programmatic pact as wide as possible and, from there, negotiate external support with Iglesias. In fact, the PSOE praised the proposal of United Nations measures: "We find it very close. In content, the document has many of the measures that were already part of the investiture speech." "However, there is no progress on the position that Unidos Podemos has maintained from the beginning," the Socialists lament.

It is possible that the offer of Churches is a starting point to negotiate and end up accepting the ministries that the PSOE would have given him in July. This is something that Sánchez does not rule out if, if necessary, it was the only option to unlock the situation "at the last minute", by using the expression of number three of the party, José Luis Ábalos. Although the ministers and the vice president, Carmen Calvo, repeat that this offer is no longer on the table and the PSOE qualifies it as "two governments within the same Council of Ministers", the reality is that it is not completely discarded.

With this sea in the background, in the dome of the main opposition party, the PP, they believe that the options for electoral repetition have increased, although they do not opt ​​for that scenario yet.

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