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Government: Conte resigns, at the Quirinale the consultations start from 4 pm


Today and tomorrow the talks with Mattarella. The parties will have to indicate the possible new majorities. The objective of the Colle is to close at close times.

  • The crisis in the Senate: Conte speaks and Salvini disagrees
  • Salvini: any government will come out will be a pact for the armchair
  • Salvini: a defeated government for the Italians
  • Conte: "If Salvini lacks courage I will take it, I'll go to the Hill"
  • Salvini: without elections you sit at the table and work
  • M5s, Di Maio premier? Fake news, we don't want seats
  • Montecitorio, check the banner for Prime Minister Conte: "President Italy loves you!"
  • Today the communications of Conte in the Senate. Di Maio: word to the Hill
  • Count in the Senate: "Salvini has shown he is pursuing personal and party interests"
  • Giuseppe Conte in the Senate opens the crisis: the complete video of the speech by the President of the Council


21 August 2019

"Government action stops here". It is almost in the middle of his speech in the hall of Palazzo Madama that Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte yesterday put an end to the 14-month government of the yellow-green by officially opening the crisis, with the resignation resigned to President Mattarella.

Mattarella asks Conte to take care of current affairs
The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, taking note of Conte's resignation, invited the Government to take care of the current business.

Today and tomorrow the talks with Mattarella. The parties will have to indicate the possible new majorities. The objective of the Colle is to close at close times. Consultations begin at 4.00 pm The presidents of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati, and the Chamber of Deputies Roberto Fico (4.45 pm) should go up, immediately afterwards to the Senate Autonomy Group (17.30), to the Misto Senate group ( at 18), followed by the group Misto della Camera (18.30), and Liberi Uguali of the Chamber (at 19).

#Quirinale: the #consultation calendar of the President is announced #Mattarella

- Quirinale (@Quirinale) August 20, 2019
M5s, we are compact around Di Maio
"These are very important hours for the future of our country. The 5-star MoVement will rely on the will of President Sergio Mattarella who will mark the way forward after Matteo Salvini opened an absurd crisis of government in the middle of August. The MoVement is united and compact around the political leader Luigi Di Maio. We are a monolith, and now we are concentrating on consultations ". Thus in a note Francesco D'Uva and Stefano Patuanelli, M5S group and Senate group leader.

League, those who run away from voting have a guilty conscience
The Lega is already at work working on the construction of the Italy of the YES, based on a tax cut of 10 million citizens, public investments, infrastructures, just and fast processes, certainty of punishment and children returning to birth. Are others thinking about the government of NO and seats? Let's go to elections and let's choose the Italians! Those who run away from the polls have a guilty conscience. "Thus the leaders of the League Massimiliano Romeo and Riccardo Molinari.

This morning the direction Ren. Renzi: on government only veto is for me. I will not be part of it
"I have a veto and it is on Matteo Renzi, in the sense that if there is a person who in this government does not have to enter it is me, but not because I want to distance myself but because this operation that together with others we have launched, it is credible if it is accompanied by the fact of giving up any kind of assignment or chair. From my point of view there is no availability of the undersigned to be part of this government ". So Matteo Renzi at Radio too, answering the question of whether he has vetoes on some people in particular, for a possible Pd-M5s executive.

The Chamber 'frozen' the vote on the cut of parliamentarians
The meeting of the group leaders took place in the Chamber with the agenda "communications of the president Roberto Fico". The president of the House took note of the crisis, in fact freezing the legislative activity as it had already been established on 13 August. The law on the cutting of parliamentarians is frozen.

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