China's F16 fighter sold back to Taiwan and rebelled against domestic affairs August 21 20:57

The Chinese government strongly opposes that the US Trump administration officially decided to sell the new F16 fighter to Taiwan as “international politics, firmly oppose” and demanded withdrawal of sale .

The Trump administration has officially decided to sell Taiwan's 66 new F16 fighters and related equipment for 8 billion dollars, or about 850 billion yen in Japanese yen, and informed the Parliament on the 20th Revealed.

State Secretary Pompeio said, “This sale decision is in line with the historical relationship between the United States and China, and the US policy so far,” he stressed.

In response to this, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “The sale of weapons to Taiwan interfered with Chinese domestic affairs and undermined China's sovereignty and security interests. I strongly opposed it. "

And “China will take all necessary measures to protect its interests, including sanctions on American companies involved in the sale of weapons,” and “withdraw the plan for the sale of weapons immediately to the United States and Taiwan. Demands that the US side be responsible for any consequences, ”he said, strongly tying up the Trump administration.