Cardinals from Australia dismissed in court for sexual abuse on August 21, 13:55

In a trial in which the Australian cardinal was accused of sexual abuse against multiple children, the Australian High Court of Justice supported the first trial sentence of six years imprisonment. And rejected the appeal.

Cardinal George Pell (78), who served as the Treasury Secretary of the Roman Pope, forced sexual acts against two boys in the choir from 1996 to the following year, when he was a archbishop in Melbourne. Accused of sexual abuse.

Cardinal Pel appealed innocence, while a conviction of six years in prison was sentenced in the first trial.

On the 21st, the appeal of the second trial was handed down at the Melbourne High Court, and the court rejected the appeal after supporting the judgment of the first trial as “there is no suspicious element in the testimony of the victim and the situation at that time”. It was.

According to local authorities, Cardinal Pel is likely to be considered as a de facto imprisonment if the ruling is finalized and will consider whether to appeal to the Supreme Court in the future.