While the Minister of Health has clearly expressed her opposition to the return of alcohol in the stadiums, she suggests Monday to ask the question of the ban in the lodges.

The issue of banning alcohol in stadium lodges may arise, said Wednesday Health Minister Agnès Buzyn, reiterating her opposition to any relaxation of the sale of alcohol in sports arenas.

"The question is perhaps rather to remove the alcohol in the VIP boxes, certainly certainly not to expand" its distribution, she said on RMC / BFM TV.

Agnès Buzyn says "no to the relaxation of the Evin law", especially with regard to alcohol in the stadiums pic.twitter.com/C3HmZGIxOx

- BFMTV (@BFMTV) August 21, 2019

"No to the relaxation of the Evin law"

"Sincerely, if the question should arise, it is rather this one", that of its ban in the boxes, repeated Agnes Buzyn. "I say 'no' to easing Evin law, because I think that sport is an ideal time to promote health, to make young people want to have good habits, and so it is not not at that moment when we want to see acute alcoholism or violence, "said the minister.

"And on the other hand, this relaxation would also make it possible to advertise (...) and that, clearly it is impossible for me to convey this image of the alcohol whereas the sport must convey a positive image of health public ", she added.

Agnès Buzyn had already opposed this proposal on 9 August, saying in a message on Twitter that "fervor does not need alcohol to express itself in our stadiums". The minister also said on Wednesday that the 105 deputies who signed the bill "to make France a sports nation" were not all in favor of this article in particular.

A bill tabled at the end of July

105 LREM deputies tabled a bill at the end of July proposing a law that notably suggests "easing the Evin law" in stadiums by extending the granting of temporary authorizations to sell alcohol to sports companies ".

The 1991 Evin law against smoking and alcoholism prohibits the sale, distribution and introduction of alcoholic beverages in all physical activity and sports establishments.

Some justify including this relaxation by the two weights, current two measures, judging hypocritical that alcohol is forbidden to spectators lambda while it is allowed in the lodges "VIP" stadiums.