AI weapons international rule agreement prospects are not incorporated into legal binding force August 22nd 5:21


An international conference is held in Switzerland to discuss the regulation of “AI weapons” in which AI uses artificial intelligence to automatically recognize and attack targets. The meeting is expected to soon agree on the first international rules on the use of such weapons, but there are some views that it will not contain legally binding regulations and will not stop the development and use of AI weapons. .

Government representatives and experts will participate in the international conference held at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, and a report on the discussions that have been underway will be compiled on the 21st.

The report is, in effect, the first international rule, in which the decision of attack should be done by human responsibility, and the machine will not allow killing by “AI weapon” that automatically selects the target, In terms of its use, it includes the protection of international humanitarian law.

On the other hand, the report is not legally binding and does not touch on the prohibition by treaties that some countries and NGOs have requested.

According to the report, a meeting will be held again from next year to next year, and discussions on regulation will be promoted. The gap remains large.

While there are voices that appreciate the first international rules around the regulation of AI weapons, there are also views that it will not stop the development and use of AI weapons without legal binding.